Connecticut General Statutes §9-602(c) requires that if a political committee lacks a deputy treasurer, and the political committee's treasurer resigns, the chair is responsible for ensuring that another treasurer is appointed within 10 days. On April 2, 2013, the treasurer of the Republican Town Committee of Cornwall filed a financial disclosure statement for the period between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2013 and resigned. Allegedly, the former treasurer indicated to the respondent chairman, Brian Savin, that he would continue to serve as treasurer until a replacement was found. The RTC lacked a deputy treasurer. On April 24, the State Elections Enforcement Commission reminded the respondent chairman that he was required to find a replacement within 10 days of the treasurer's resignation, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §9-602(c). The respondent chairman was unable to name a replacement until June 10, in part because he lacked a quorum. The respondent chairman admitted that he technically violated Connecticut General Statutes §9-602(c) and claimed that the violation resulted from an inadvertent mistake of fact and error of law. A good-faith mistake existed about the date of the former treasurer's resignation. The respondent does not possess a prior history of similar violations. The State Elections Enforcement Commission fined the respondent $100 and suspended the fine. The respondent agreed to amend the Republican Town Committee's registration statement, to include a deputy treasurer, and to appoint himself as deputy treasurer, in the event that a deputy treasurer cannot be named.